Pippin, killed by an illegal trap 22 Nov 12, photo from Facebook

Dangerous Wild Animal Traps and Your Best Friend

Rob Shura's six year old dog, Pippin, was killed by a Conibear 220 trap within thirty feet of a hiking trail while he and his family were walking in the Grand Beach Provincial Park. She died in his arms after a few agonizing minutes of struggle. This particular trap was set illegally, however trapping is allowed within the 24.9 square kilometre park. Manitoba Conservation is looking for the trapper.

Rob has set up a Facebook page to educate the public on this very important subject, and work towards having the legislation changed on trapping in parks. There are many links to videos and other resources, including government email addresses so that you may send your thoughts to the Premier and his colleagues.

A message from Melanie Shura:

Dear Friends

We are entering a critical stage now—we have the eyes of the world on us and the attention of the province regarding a call for laws and clear regulations with respect to trapping and safety in our Provincial Parks. We need a show of support from animal advocacy and welfare groups, strong allies we can count on to put their names and support into this as we move forward. Please forward your contact information (include the name of the spokesperson) a brief description of your group and what type of support you are prepared to offer and I will organize this information on Rob’s behalf.

Please stay tuned for a press release from Rob Shura regarding the latest developments in this quickly evolving story. Please note that trapping is NOT permanently banned—this is a temporary ban only and subject to conditions.Now is the time to make our case for clear, unconditional laws and regulations regarding trapping in our province. This is just the very first step—we have the attention of the government at this moment. Rob has been interviewed on CJOB and CBC TV.

Thank you all so very much. Together, we will reduce needless suffering.

Sincerely, Melanie Shura

Extra Space at Angel's Haven

So many people are asking us to help with all our “space” and we sure wish we could. I'm not sure if people can understand it is just not a matter of space, but a matter of proper space. If these kids are coming through our doors, they will receive everything they deserve, and if we can't provide this, sadly we just can't take them. It is no help to any of the kids to take on more than we can manage. It's important for us that you understand why we cannot take more than we can handle at this time. We appreciate your support and need to make this clear.

Here's what we have done so far, and it's still a work in progress. Yes, we have the acreage and the barn which was all purchased so our homeless friends would all have love, food and shelter while in transition or forever if there was no one else to love them. This land was seriously cut down with sickles just like the good old days! The barn which used to house cattle, pigs, chickens and horses, has been gutted by myself and my amazing family. They are not spring chickens so it was not an easy task:) It was quite the challenge for me too! We replaced the roof, fixed the exterior and painted to protect the barn. The cement floors were taken out using a sledgehammer and carried out to pour new foundations. Some very kind folks, Airborne Insulation, insulated so everyone would be warm in winter. This is as far as we have managed to get. It is no surprise to anyone bills can quickly add up, and we have had to wait to get these other bills paid for before we can continue. Without a penny to start with, I am proud for all the animals we have helped throughout the years. We are still working to finish this shelter and hopefully you can see the dedication here.

There are also so many amazing people that have helped throughout the years, and I feel badly not mentioning them first. Too many to mention and all of their compassion and dedication to these animals have kept this particular rescue alive when we were almost done so many times. As of now, the barn is still not finished so all of our kids reside in our home. Well, it's honestly a large kennel now but OUR home nonetheless! When we are able to put the rubber floors and walls in the barn, we will have more space to help others. Until then, please understand this little house can only hold so many. It's not a matter of not caring. It is the best we can do at this time...

Dogs from Auctions and Advertisements

This is something very important we would like our supporters to understand and we truly hope you do.

Many folks are asking for our help in taking dogs from auctions so that we may “save them from a life of breeding”. We also have requests to take dogs from local classified advertisements in fear they will be improperly placed. Here is our stance, and please understand this: We do not take dogs from auctions as it is our opinion taking these animals is, in effect, actually supporting the efforts of these backyard breeders. Yes, we saved that one animal, but we have provided funds for these people to continue their greedy efforts.

Rocky and the cats

Most of you know what this is all about, and if you have any doubt or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We believe in public education and to one day stop the purchase of these animals altogether. We believe in fighting for tougher laws and fighting against overpopulation due to uncaring breeders. If we take one dog someone has “purchased to save”, we have actually supported these backyard breeders we want so desperately to disappear. Their efforts have not been stopped. They have now made money from an animal that is no longer useful, but will continue with all of their offspring. This does not, in any way, solve the problem.

We do not take animals from local classified advertisements. We would rather try to educate that owner. If someone is taking the time and effort to place these ads, it means they might care in some way. Perhaps they do not know the proper way to go about it, and this is where we should help. We can guide them, help them, and offer our assistance. We do not need to take these animals from classified ads who already have someone caring for them to place in other foster homes, literally taking foster homes away from those in need. It is just not right!

What we will offer is guidance and suggestions on how to find a great home. We will offer any assistance needed, even offer a contract that they may share with potential adopters. Our space is reserved for those without a home, without a voice. We want to help those beautiful souls who are about to be let go because there is no further time or space where they are. We want to help the strays on the streets nobody has come to claim and the amazing seniors that would have no other options. We want to help all, and we will offer help wherever we can but this space is reserved for those who have nobody else to care. Please understand and please continue to bring all of these things to our attention as it allows us to educate others. Education is a big part of the fight.

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Puppy Jack--I wasn't so lucky...

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TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release)

Little tabby kitten

What can I do to help?

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Spay Neuter Poster (PDF). Please print and help us get the message out!