Ginger Boy

Ginger Boy, a male cat (Courtesy posting)

This little male ginger tabby is about a year old. Ginger Boy had been wandering in his rescuer's area for a few months. He was taken into the Winnipeg Humane Society where he was neutered, vaccinated and tattooed.

Ginger Boy has a cute floppy ear which adds to his already friendly personality.

While Ginger Boy was quite frightened when outside, he has quickly warmed up to be a cat who craves attention, and just loves to be petting and cuddled. He is a real sweetheart who so deserves his forever home. Won't you open your heart and home to this lovely boy?

Please contact Shirley (she currently has Ginger Boy) for more information.

Ginger Boy, a male cat (Courtesy posting) Ginger Boy, a male cat (Courtesy posting)

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