Kobe, a male cat (Courtesy posting)

Kobe is a tremendously affectionate six-year-old domestic shorthair cat. He became homeless when his owners brought him in to a veterinary hospital to be euthanized. The kind folks at the hospital offered to find him a home instead as he was just too sweet to say goodbye to so soon!

Kobe has been at the hospital for several weeks now, and would really love to have a real home and person to give him the love he has to offer. Kobe was taken to a home for a bit, however things did not go well with the resident cat, so obviously he could not stay.

Kobe would do best in a home with no other animals. He would be an amazing friend for anyone as he is so affectionate and has quite the personality. This little man loves to chat and seems to be constantly purring. He is truly one little ball of love!

Kobe is of course completely healthy, neutered and vaccinated. If anyone knows anyone seeking such a special boy, please contact Catrysse Veterinary Services at (204) 489-9111.

Kobe deserves this second chance and someone will be very lucky to have such a great friend!

See Kobe on YouTube!

Kobe, a male cat (Courtesy posting)

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