Mia a female mastiff mix

Mia is a sweet little mastiff mix, about one year old now. She is tremendously loving and loves to snuggle with her folks and canine friends. The closer she can get to you on the bed, the better for her! She loves all people and loves to shower them with lots of hugs and kisses.

Mia does have lots of energy to play with her friends, and can get a little too rowdy for some at times. She gets along and loves all of the dogs at the shelter, however, she can be protective of us all when meeting new dogs, so slow introductions in new situations is important for sure. She gets along with all our cats and dogs as we closely monitor that she does not get too excited. For this reason a home with no cats or smaller dogs is probably best for all.

Mia lived with a family for the first year of her life, and we were told by the owners the reason for relinquish was inappropriate chewing in the house and the fact she jumped on people too much. We have solved the chewing problem by providing lots of toys, positive reinforcement, and lots of exercise to keep her happy. The jumping is still an issue, but oh so hard to say no when she hugs you and wraps her little paws around your hips!

Mia is great on our acreage and absolutely loves water. She can spend hours splashing or just lying in the pools we have on our property. Her new family will definitely have to provide her with a pool! She will make such a great friend to someone who can provide her lots of love and exercise as well. She is healthy, spayed, chipped, vaccinated and waiting for her new family to come and scoop her up!

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