Maureen (Moe)

Moe, a female Shepherd mix dog

Moe (Maureen) was born on 7 November 2015 and is a German Shepherd mix. We originally thought she was a boy and her brothers and sisters were named after The Three Stooges. She had already learned her name so we kept it!

This little lady is incredibly intelligent and loving. She is very well mannered in the house, never chews on our things, or gets into anything that is not hers. Moe knows what toys are, and appreciates them tons too. She absolutely adores other animals, and is incredibly respectful and very well socialized. She is submissive in her play and respects the seniors' space. She will enjoy snuggling with them, but understands which dogs are into a jolly wrestle and which ones want to be left alone.

Moe has only had a couple outings into “the big city” and is still quite shy upon meeting new people, however she will come around quickly with a family who can take her out for regular walks and get Moe used to the city sights, sounds and all the people. She is not shy in the least here when visitors come and showers all with kisses.

Moe is just a lover all around and spends her days delving out kisses to all the humans and furry friends alike throughout the day. and would really love a family of her own to grow with. Perhaps you have been seeking such a smart and loving girl to add to your family? Please contact us to meet this amazing girl!

Moe, a female Shepherd mix dog Moe (bottom) and her friend Gracie (top)

Moe, a female Shepherd mix dog

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