The Pack Project

The Pack Project Dogs

These poor pooches need your help!! We are trying to save 13 stray dogs. They are currently located on a property two hours south of Winnipeg. These dogs are not owned and the people have been trying their best to care for the dogs who have been dumped and wandered onto their property.

To save all these dogs will be a big undertaking and we need your help!

We need:

The Pack Project Dogs

These pups will be amazing friends. They are very scared and really alone and crave love, a family of their own and each one will be the best friend you could ever hope for. After only two visits, we were greeted with so much more enthusiasm, somewhat trusted and they were happy to have us there. We kept the kennels out with food to get them used to us and them while we gave out parasite control to the pack. With a little patience and love these will be the most loyal and amazing friends. They crave it so much you can really tell. And they are really sweet dogs, they are just scared to accept the love. It is not their fault they are alone. Please consider fostering or adopting one of these amazing friends.

The Pack Project YouTube video.

The Pack Project Facebook Page. Lots of updates and videos of the pups and our story as we move forward getting all of them their well-deserved forever homes.

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