Rhea, a female dog

Rhea is an eight-month-old shepherd mix who came from a rural property in southern Manitoba where she lived outdoors with 14 other dogs. Rhea, like all other members of the pack, is an extremely kind and gentle soul in spite of not having had much human contact. Like her pack members, she was quite unsure of humans and afraid to accept love. Even though Rhea and her pack are fearful, none have ever shown any signs of fear aggression or defensive behaviour. They simply hide their heads and pray not to be hurt—a true bunch of beautiful souls. These precious angels have become the most loving and devoted of all friends you could imagine. Although Rhea and her pack-mates crave the love they are understandably apprehensive. Once they trust and accept, there is no comparison to their friendship!

Rhea is a beautiful, sweet, gentle, dog. She is both shy and curious. She is a great walker on leash. One of her favourite things is cozy days in. Rhea likes to give kisses in the morning. She likes other animals, and responded very well to her foster family's dog, playing with him for long periods. She seldom barks and is not at all aggressive. Although she is timid around people, she prefers to be close to people and the action. In the month that she was with a foster family, she really came out of her shell and will continue to blossom in a loving forever home.

Rhea has already come a long way and she is now ready to move into her new forever home and start her new life. She is healthy, negative for heartworm/Lyme disease, spayed, microchipped, and completely vaccinated.

Please consider Rhea for adoption and of course another furry friend to spend her days with is a must!

Rhea, a female dog

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