What Our Clients Are Saying...

I just wanted to touch base as we adopted Star or as we call her Starzie, from you. She is doing very well and Bonnie and I cannot express how much she means to us. She is still as outgoing, playful, and CRAZY as ever!...Once again we appreciate Starzie very much and you allowing her to become part of our family and as a pet lover can't express enough appreciation for what you do. ∼ Aaron, Bonnie, and Starzie

Thank you so much for your response and willingness to help...Next time Slippers needs a little holiday from us we will give you a call. And again thank you, our lives and Slippers' have been enriched all because of your willingness to help. ∼ Lillian and family

Dogs at play in the winter at Angel's Haven

Jennifer makes each and every animal feel at home at Angel's Haven. Her compassion for animals is unmatched. ∼ Robin

Angel's Haven offers one of the most important things that any animal could need—love! They offer so much care and go out of their way to help the helpless. I think that it's only fitting that when they need help, they get care too. ∼ Tanya

The best thing that I love about Angel's Haven is it run by the most caring,compassionate, and considerate person on the earth. There is no one better with animals than Jennifer. If everyone on this planet had a big as heart as Jennifer the world would be a better place. ∼ Ken

Even in times of personal trials, tribulations and financial woe there is a constant there for the animals they care for, take in and find homes for. Generous hearts and deserving for placing animals as a priority even over their own well being in the hard times. ∼ Carole

What can I say but this is the Disneyland for animals and run by selfless individuals! ∼ Clint

Bravo for doing what lots cannot. ∼ Wendy

Angel's Haven loves the animals like they are their own...they live in the home with the family. ∼ Lisa