Why You Should Adopt from Angel's Haven...

Here at Angel's Haven we pride ourselves in matching the perfect friend for the perfect family. We believe it is important to find the right forever home the first time, if possible. Psychologically it can be difficult and traumatic when a pet is passed from home to home several times throughout their lives. We do everything in our power to ensure we are the only stop before they get to that forever great home. Our success has been great throughout the past ten years, with only a handful of pets coming back for various reasons.

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The key to successfully matching our friends comes through living with them in a home environment and truly getting to know each of the kids as individuals. We learn everything we can about them before even posting for adoption, and will wait as long as it takes to fully understand all their needs and possible quirks. Sometimes it can take some time as personalities will change as pets settle in. A submissive and shy friend may change once getting completely settled and feeling at home. Their courage increased, personality can dramatically change. Obviously the same could be said for a pet who seems aggressive initially. Most often when we see this it is either lack of socialization, or a history of emotional trauma/physical abuse. Depending on age, severity etc. it can take some time and patience to teach the dog or cat to trust.

Adopting a pet is obviously a very important decision, one that any responsible owner will take very seriously. For both the family and pet's sake it is always nice if you can find the right match the first time. You can be confident if we send you home with a new friend, you will know exactly who is coming home and it is almost certain to be the best match possible. Of course, all our pets are vet checked, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and on Revolution® (parasite prevention) so you will be taking home a healthy friend. Please know as well, we have several pets on a waiting list aside from those listed here. We may know of the friend you seek but have not had a chance to fully evaluate yet. If we know there is a chance at quick adoption, we will bump them up on the list to keep things moving, and help that pet get to their forever home faster.

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