Thank you for all your help and support!

We had the most wonderful night at our recent Bingo Bowl and we wanted to thank you all for making it so. It is such a wonderful feeling to see so many amazing folks come together and inspirational to us to say the least. Tremendous thanks to all that worked so hard... on this, to all that donated and came out, all that shared to get others on board to make this a great success. There aren't enough words or thanks and this goes out to all of you who are gracious enough to focus on saving lives and work so well together that the goals are accomplished! Extended thanks of course must go to Karen and Reinhard Jorek for being the core of this fundraiser, working day and night to accomplish their goals as well as their support and friendship throughout the years. Huge thanks to all the folks at Friends Fundraising For Animal Shelters for coming out and all their hard work and donations and again support throughout the years. Huge thanks to the Animal Rescue Foundation of Manitoba for their generous donation to our veterinary account at the event and their ongoing support as well. Huge thanks to Bob and Sandy Macintosh who we know worked very hard on this as well and were the ones to get the 40" TV for our grand prize. It was announced as donated by Angel's Haven but these were the two responsible for this Tremendous thanks again to all that came out to enjoy the night and save some lives. It's a real fun way to do so Tremendous thanks to all and we really hope you know it! Never could these kids be saved if not for you. With sincere thanks once more and truly hope you know how much it means to so many!

Many, many thanks to:


Buster and Sadie cuddling together

Huge huge thanks to Catrysse Veterinary Services for everything they do for all of our kids, and all the others they care for every single day. This hospital really cares and we would suggest you use them for your kids as well. Working as a vet tech for over 10 years I have been through several hospitals and they are all great however, this is the one we will stay with forever, and recommend to anyone seeking a wonderful and caring veterinary practice. They love, they care, and they will always be there for your kids no matter what. If you are seeking the most loving and compassionate care for your pets and yourselves, please check them out!

There are some amazing people out there working very hard throughout the year to help shelters keep their doors open and kids cared for. Among these, Friends Fundraising for Animal Shelters (FFFAS) work hard to get food to as many homeless friends throughout our province as possible. Since we are fortunate enough to have this support, any food and treats etc. will be added to the donations for all no-kill rescues to assist in their efforts and keep our friends fed.

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An incredibly huge thank you to Janice Pennington, and all the folks in Wolseley for their incredibly kind donations to our rescue. Janice worked very hard collecting from folks in the area and came up with a considerable donation to the rescue. She worked hard canvassing the neighbourhood and even spent her birthday rolling coins to take to the bank. Most recently, other neighbours came by with more change and Canadian Tire money which we were able to put to very good use, and hope you all agree! Our camera was completely broken and we have been trying to take pictures with a video camera that honestly just does not do the trick. While browsing through Canadian Tire, we found this camera that was actually on sale half price and the donations given actually covered the cost of the camera! A camera is a staple here so that we may share pictures of the kids in order to get them noticed and into loving homes. Our most recent photos of the kids are courtesy of you and we couldn't have done this without you. Heartfelt thanks for sure and please know how much you are all appreciated!

Please support the following as they help support us:

Huge heartfelt thank you's must go out to the following people. What they have done by donating at an incredibly difficult time has helped to keep our doors open and provided us much inspiration that others do share in our plight, care so much and give us the strength to keep going. It helps to show we're not alone out here although honestly there are times it seems so hard to keep going. When we are overcrowded, overworked and underfunded, there is so much stress it can be very difficult to say the least. The animals that come through our doors mean the world to us and of course we always want to be able to help wherever we can.

Very big thank you and huge hugs must go out to the following lovely folks for responding to this plea for help:

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Many, many thanks to all our Angels!